Experts in the Art of Oil Finding

In these times when all the “easy oil” has been found, the mature fields of the Gulf of Mexico serve as an ideal arena for the talent and technology that set us apart.

Our expertise at Arena Energy is finding and exploiting the drilling opportunities that remain in the Gulf after 50 years of development by the major oil companies. To develop these less obvious and more challenging Gulf prospects, we need the oil finders of the 21st century. So we focus on hiring and equipping the top talent in the industry, seeking those who understand the opportunities that exist today on the Gulf shelf—and have the skill and creativity to recognize them.

How Arena Finds Oil

Singular Focus

Throughout our history, we have never wavered from our focus on the Gulf shelf—nor our fundamental business plan.

Deep Experience

Our founders and all key technical personnel have worked nearly their entire careers on Gulf development projects. We know this basin.

Optimistic Perspective

Since our founding, we have continued to believe the mature producing areas of the shallow-water Gulf still hold vast potential. Our results reinforce that belief. Over the last three years, the inventory of drilling prospects we have built is the largest and highest quality in our company’s history.

Detailed Technical Approach

Our integrated geological, geophysical and engineering evaluations are essential to identifying subtle targets with limited seismic responses often associated with oil prospects.

Technology Investment

We equip our expert oil finders with the latest 3-D seismic data and technology.

Independent Company's Mindset

Arena Energy was built on the success of many smaller discoveries. Today, we maintain that same entrepreneurial spirit and opportunistic approach—and continue to view smaller-reserve-size projects as attractive.