Offshore Exploration: Discovering Hidden
Oil & Gas Accumulations

There’s an art to finding oil—particularly in the Gulf of Mexico. After decades of drilling, this world-class basin still holds vast potential for those skilled enough to unlock it. Arena energy is applying expert insight and advanced technology to identify new Gulf of Mexico oil and gas exploration opportunities. This is the art of oil finding in the 21st century.

Self-Sustaining Success

Since our founding in 1999, Arena Energy has built a highly successful track record of identifying and developing investment opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico Shelf.

Offshore Activity

+350 Drill Wells

More than 85% drilled by our affiliate company Arena Offshore

Drilling Success Rate

+94 percent

Carbon Intensity

<25 kg CO2e/BOE

Best in class GOM Shelf Emissions

NET Production

Barrels of Oil Equivalent per Day

Gulf Track Record

24 Years

As one of the lowest-cost producers

Average Annual Capex Investment

$200-$300 Million

Based on a 3 year average; funded entirely with cash flow generated from oil and gas operations

Total Capital Investment

+$4.5 Billion

With no outside equity sources

Drilling Inventory

+10 Years

At current activity levels

Structures Owned

+130Offshore Platforms