Arena Offshore Partners with EcoRigs to Utilize Offshore Platforms in Gulf of Mexico for Sustainable Fish Harvesting

THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS, April 27, 2022 — Arena Offshore, LP (“Arena”), a leading offshore oil and gas operator focused on the Gulf of Mexico Shelf and the exclusive operator for Arena Energy, LLC, today announced a partnership with EcoRigs, a non-profit organization that utilizes retired offshore platforms for beneficial environmental applications such as sustainable fisheries, recreational fisheries, fish sanctuaries, renewable energy, and greenhouse gas sequestration.

EcoRigs will use up to eleven of Arena Offshore’s platforms to sustainably harvest marine invertebrates and ornamental fish. Several species of invertebrates found on the platforms may possess medically valuable compounds and could be used for future medical applications.

“Our offshore platforms are buzzing with marine life and artificial reef habitats that may have medically and nutritionally valuable compounds. Our partnership with EcoRigs will allow for the responsible and sustainable harvesting of these marine species for scientific testing to identify potentially valuable compounds and their possible medical applications,” said Brent Ozenne, Arena Offshore’s Chief Operating Officer. “This is just one example of many potential alternative uses for existing offshore infrastructure and we are thrilled to work with EcoRigs on this project.”

About Arena Offshore
Arena Offshore is an oil and gas operator and producer focused on executing development opportunities on the Gulf of Mexico Shelf. We are the preferred operator for a range of E&P companies—including some of the Gulf’s largest. Our highly skilled offshore gas production operations and engineering teams rank among the best in this world-class basin and have established a strong track record of efficiency and safety.

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