Arena Offshore Named Newest Member of the Center for Offshore Safety

THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS, May 20, 2021 — Arena Offshore (“Arena”), a leading offshore oil and gas operator focused on the Gulf of Mexico Shelf and the exclusive operator for Arena Energy, LLC, today joined the Center for Offshore Safety (OCS), an organization focused on offshore safety within the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf.

COS membership represents an offshore oil and natural gas company’s dedication to driving safety, sustainability, and environmental protection on the Outer Continental Shelf. Members of COS commit to maintaining safe operations, creating a culture of safety where everyone is empowered to take action, adhering to safety and environmental management systems (SEMS), undergoing routine examination and improvements, and establishing open communication and transparency of safety information to build mutual trust among stakeholders.

“In our over twenty years of operating in the Gulf of Mexico, our commitment to ensuring personnel and process safety and environmental stewardship have not wavered and remains the primary driver behind our businesses and operational decisions,” Arena Offshore co-founder and CEO Mike Minarovic said. “I am extremely proud of the exceptional safety and environmental track record we have achieved, all while growing our operations to become one of the leading operators in the Gulf.”

“We do not take lightly our responsibility to find new ways in which we can improve safety and environmental protection at all levels of our organization – from planning, decision-making, execution and culture setting – we are always seeking to drive ongoing evaluation and improvement. Our membership in COS reaffirms our commitment to excellence in safety, regulatory compliance and environmental responsibility,” Minarovic continued.

About Arena Offshore
Arena Offshore is an oil and gas operator offering production, drilling, and construction management services focused on executing development opportunities on the Gulf of Mexico Shelf. Arena Offshore is the exclusive operator for Arena Energy as well as a preferred operator for a range of E&P companies—including some of the Gulf’s largest. Our highly skilled offshore production operations and engineering teams rank among the best in this world-class basin and have established a strong track record of efficiency and safety. 

About Arena Energy
Arena Energy, LLC is an upstream exploration and production company focused on the Gulf of Mexico Shelf. Arena Energy was founded in 1999 on the belief that mature producing areas of the Gulf of Mexico Shelf still held vast potential—and that with the right technology, talented oil and gas finders could unlock these drilling opportunities. Today, that vision has been realized many times over. Since its founding, Arena has grown into one of the largest private offshore oil and natural gas companies, having invested more than $4 billion of capital in the Gulf of Mexico, paid $1.4 billion in royalties to the federal government, and decommissioned over 300 wells and 45 platforms and other structures. Arena takes pride in safely and responsibly developing the energy that powers the United States and the world.

Contact Information:
Kevin Bruce
Vice President – Government Affairs