Internally Owned & Independent

Although the oil and gas industry is inherently risky and capital requirements are high in the Gulf of Mexico, Arena Energy was started solely with equity contributions from our three founders. They pooled their resources, invested in technology and began to search for drilling prospects in the Gulf. Since our founding, we have grown the company in a steady, stepwise manner by reinvesting revenue and accessing debt. Through careful planning and conservative cash management, we have weathered periods of volatility and emerged stronger each time. All of this has allowed our equity to remain 100% owned by the professionals who work here every day. 

Direct Employee Ownership

To attract and retain highly talented geologists, geophysicists and engineers—along with other key professionals—our compensation system includes equity participation in company projects with substantial rewards for success. We have formed three separate partnerships to invest employee equity contributions directly in our projects. Professional employees have the opportunity to make a significant financial contribution to buy into these partnerships. Each one is managed by the employees, who decide which projects to fund and how much to invest.

These partnerships offer three key benefits:

  • Potential for significant financial rewards for our professional employees
  • Alignment of different groups within the company
  • Direct business experience for the employees participating in the partnerships